Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The site occupied by the estate has a history stretching back thousands of years. It is an area of immense archaeological importance, first settled in the eighth century BC by a Greek community, after which it was a Roman villa and more recently, at the turn of the second millennium, a Benedictine monastery.

Olive oil has always been produced here, as is demonstrated by the archaeological finds and, most importantly, by over 500 monumental olive trees, some more than a thousand years old.

The olives are picked by hand from these giant repositories of shared memories to prevent damage. Their health, which is an essential prerequisite to producing high quality oil, is carefully monitored and the olives are cold pressed to ensure excellent taste and aroma.

Le Grotte di Sileno is a light to medium fruity extra virgin olive oil, composed of a blend of Ogliarola and Pichioline variety olives..

It has a remarkably fresh nose and green vegetable notes of newly mown grass, artichoke and arugula.

It reveals a dry and elegant body to the palate, sustained by a good balance between spicy and bitter, and has an accentuated vegetable note of fresh herbs with just a touch of yellow fruit.

Ideal with soups, grilled vegetables, fish-based dishes and legumes.

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